The Corridor and Other Stories by Fabian Black
A delightful set of gay D/s romance stories featuring couples involved in power exchange relationships. For many couples discipline is an aspect of intimacy, it enhances and strenthens their relationship and serves emotional and psychological needs as well as physical needs. However, such lifestyles are not always easy. Sometimes you just want to do what you want to do and damn the rules, especially at times of stress and unhappiness...This is an eloquent, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining collection of stories.
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Deadlines by Fabian Black
D/s romance novel. Joseph Townsend never planned to live a life of domestic bliss with anyone, let alone a spoiled and vain young man some thirteen years his junior, but there he is, happily domiciled with Michael Mosse in what was once a Victorian Stationmaster’s house. However, the domestic waters suffer disturbance when it becomes clear that Michael has something on his mind. The modern day Station Master, Joseph, is keen to know what it is. His attractive partner has a convoluted way of thinking, which usually doesn’t bode well either for himself or the people around him.
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Moving On by Fabian Black
A visit to a Sunday morning car boot sale has unhappy repercussions for Andrew when he comes face to face with an object from his past. Bad memories begin to resurface with a vengeance. Driven by guilt and self-loathing he leaves his authoritarian partner Thomas and takes flight in order to avoid confronting his fears. Thomas sets out to find Andrew and help make him face up to his demon.
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Winter Pink Skies by Fabian Black
Lee’s Saturday doesn’t get off to the best of starts after a disagreement with his domestic partner Tony. It nosedives further still when a rush order is phoned into his florist’s shop. Seeing a name from the past throws his emotions into turmoil leading him to ponder whether he’s still in love with a man he hasn’t seen in seven years, and if so, where does that leave him and Tony?
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