Fabian Black

I’m an independent author of gay romance with a D/s theme.

My style of fiction is rather difficult to categorise. It isn’t vanilla romance, but nor is it classic erotica or BDSM. It incorporates elements from all those mediums, but essentially belongs to a unique sub genre of fiction. My stories are warm hearted and sensitive, they’re full of emotion, wit and romance - all spiced with a little spanking and with a liberal sprinkling of offbeat humour.

For the record I'm female and am located in the UK where I live with two teenage sons and two lady cats.

The pen name Fabian Black is a combination of real and made up plus a typo - I did intend to be Fabia, but a mistake made when nervously self-publishing my first short novel resulted in a sex change. It might be considered a Freudian slip, as I would have much preferred to be a boy!

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Some more blurb about me:

I first self-published using, which proved to be a very challenging and often rather mixed experience. After much trial and error I finally managed to create something that actually looked half decent in print. I then discovered Smashwords - another challenge in the formatting stakes. I have a great deal of respect for Mark Coker the creator of Smashwords. He has done so much to raise the profile of indie authors.

I publish on, Smashwords and my work is also distributed on All Romance ebooks, 1Place For Romance and the GLBT Bookstore. Some of my stories are available as paperbacks on and and I also have some Kindle versions.

One of my books ‘Deadlines’ was recently nominated in several categories in the LRC Best of 2010 Reader Awards. I was also nominated in the best GBLTQ author category. I don’t stand a chance of winning, but it was just so nice to know that some readers had actually nominated me. I’ve had several top ten best sellers on 1Place For Romance and several Silver Star best sellers on All Romance Ebooks.

M/M Romance Short Story - Free Read

Dance with a Vampire

Smashwords Edition

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