Marva Dasef

I'm a multi-published author in a variety of genres. Some of my work is self-published through Smashwords and CreateSpace. These are the works I'd like to feature on The Author Collective.

I also have been or will be published by Sam's Dot Publishing, Eternal Press, and MuseItUp Publishing. There's plenty of my stuff to spread around.

You can view my website here. Click on the My Book Catalog tab to see individual pages for each of my books.

I blog at Dasef's Book Central.

Finally, a brief list of the self-published books available through Amazon. All are priced at only 99 cents.
Mixed Bag (13 stories with just about all the genres, SF/F/H, Romance, LitFic, Humor)

The Tales of Abu Nuwas (juvenile fantasy in the style of 1001 Arabian Nights)

First Duty (YA science fiction space opera)

Eagle Quest (teen adventure set in the Klamath Wildlife Preserves)

Tales of a Texas Boy (humorous short stories set in West Texas of the 30's)

Quest for the Simurgh (juvenile fantasy set in a mythical middle-east)

And for the SciFi Romance fans, Ultimate Duty, published by Eternal Press ($5.91 best price at Fictionwise)