What is the Author Collective?

The Author Collective provides readers with one site to find great stories. Open to any length or genre of fiction, the Author Collective has something for every reader.

For authors, it provides a credible group through which to make your work available.

Though it resembles an online book store, the Author Collective is not a publisher. The links will take you back to each title's point of sale. If you are looking for a specific author or book title, use the search box at left.

For interested authors

Like a publisher, the Author Collective wants to see only your best work. Authors who self-publish should first submit to critiques, and polish your story to its utmost before placing it in readers' hands.

If you do not have a critique group, the Author Collective may be able to help. Email authorcollective AT gmail.com to learn whether any of our writers can critique your work. If you submit for critique, you are agreeing to list your title with the Author Collective after publication. Any author not adhering to this rule will no longer be considered for inclusion.

Once you have a self-published release, contact the Author Collective at authorcollective AT gmail.com. Submit 3-5 links to favorable reviews by professional review sites. If you re-released a story previously published either by a print or epublisher, please let us know. Or, if your release is a bestseller on Smashwords, Kindle, etc., or has won or been nominated for an award, please include that information as well.

Members will maintain their own author pages (set up as a backdated post), linked to the name listed under "Authors" at left.

So if you’ve considered self-publishing but didn’t want to go it alone, now you don’t have to. The Author Collective is here for you.

What the Author Collective is not:

1. A publisher. Each author will self-publish his/her own work.

2. A publicist. Each author must do his/her own marketing (including reviews, trailers, etc.), and not through this site. Each listing will include only a cover, the book blurb, and a link to the seller. Authors will, however, be allotted one author page each (set up as a backdated post) to maintain as they wish.

3. No member of the co-op shall be liable for any other author’s work.