Hotline to Hell by Cate Masters
When Jeremy answers a newspaper ad offering fame and fortune, he doesn’t expect to face Satan. A gorgeous, female Satan offering the standard soul for fame deal. So tempting, Jeremy signs. But can he have it all, and his soul too?
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Mixed Bag by Marva Dasef
A little science fiction, a bit of fantasy, plenty of humor, and some really shocking horror. These are tales to suit any mood. All stories in this book were previously published in on-line or print publications. The author is re-issuing the stories since an editor somewhere liked them enough to publish them in the first place.
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Reflections by Cate Masters
For Lissa, Halloween will never be the same.
Lissa and her roommate Selena's Halloween open house draws more guests than they intend when they use Selena's grandmother's old crystal ball and matching mirror as decorations. A mysterious man in black turns out to be anything but human, and Selena is in real jeopardy. Can Lissa help their new neighbor, Rafe, save Selena when all hell literally breaks loose?
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Splat! by Lorrie Unites-Struiff

Winnie tries skydiving with her husband for their anniversary. Bad, bad idea! She learns about the halfway plateau, a busy place. Her accidental revenge is sweet. Come along for her humorous adventure.  
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This Time by Joan Szechtman
This Time rediscovers the fifteenth century Richard III as he attempts to unravel the mysteries of the twenty-first century. Not only must Richard III acclimate himself to this whole new world—to sometimes comic effect—he must try to undo the damage done to his reputation through 500 years of history. "This Time" named General Fiction Finalist in the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.
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